Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello Again!

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I am so happy that I can blog again :) I am so sorry that i didnt check my entrecard or my blogger account because i was busy! But know i have some free time i will do 2 blogs in one day! Isn't that fun? haha! Well, I will make and make nowadays so keep on checking




Saturday, June 27, 2009

Enjoying life here in my tita's house

Hi! I am back! I decided to do this blog because my blog hasn't been updated si March i think? Well now that i am done with my school work, Now, I am here in my tita's house and I blogging.. it is my last day here today.I AM SUPER SAD!! Ugh i dont wanna go back at my house because it is so boring there and i am always being scolded all the time again and again and again. It is like a routine like you jog in the morning and at night.. it is so complicated you know ughh... I dont believe that what they are saying "there is no better place like home" ughh... yeah right.Please help me. I am so sad. I wanna stay in my tita's house forever!!!!!