Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kids are targeted by Playstation Portable Gaming Consoles....

I never thought that my son will experience a similar incident as
what had happened in Trinoma because I had already warned him about
it. But I guess, when a child is cornered and alone, he can be so
confused, frightened and helpless and subsequently follows whatever
is asked of him.

My son was playing with four of his friends at Time Zone (the one in
Greenhills Theater Mall) last Saturday (Sept. 20) afternoon. They
were all playing separately and far apart from each other. A guy then
approached my son and started scolding him that he was destroying the
machine and he could be penalized for P100,000.00. He also warned my
son that he will have a bad record in Greenhills for doing so. He
kept on saying things to intimidate my son. He made my son believe
that he was the owner of Time Zone. The employees of Time Zone did
not mind this person who was pestering my son. My son attempted to
call the attention of his classmate, but that guy would do all things
to stop him. My son was able to shout the name of his classmate once
but unfortunately Time Zone was too noisy and his call was left
unheard. Finally, the guy told my son to go with him to the
Greenhills office to clear his name. They went out of Time Zone and
went to V-mall
food court. While my son was walking towards V-mall, he felt that
this man was not alone. There seemed to be people following them
because when he tried to stop, people at the back would also stop.
When they were in the food court, the guy told my son that he could
not bring his things to the Greenhills office, so he brought out a
plastic bag and asked him to put his PSP, cellphone and wallet into
the plastic bag. He asked my son to seat and wait for him. That guy
then went to talk with one of the personnel in Quantum, making it
appear that he is depositing my son's things with the Quantum
personnel. My son waited for maybe 10 minutes, and the guy
disappeared. My son approached several Quantum personnel and asked if
somebody left a plastic bag with him. The Quantum personnel told my
son that he was robbed and the guy will not come back anymore.
Realizing that he had been fooled, my son rushed back to our store in

To make things worst, when my son's classmates were asking Time Zone
personnel about the disappearance of my son, they did not offer any
assistance and would not give any information. There was supposed to
be a guard at the door where my son went out, but at that time that
my son left Time Zone, there was no guard at the door. It could have
been that an accomplice had led the guard away from the main door. I
am still not sure if there had been connivance between Time Zone
personnel and the thief, but because of their indifference to this
incident, please advise your son not to patronize this establishment

Please advise your children to refrain from bringing their PSP to
public places. I think it was my son's PSP, although it was kept in
his pocket, that made him the target.

Well it is not actually my son ok?? Just heard about it.. someone mailed it in my Yahoo....